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Laggy Live Environment - pensivepanda - 08-20-2019

When booting into the live environment, from a USB on an i7-5557U, 16GB RAM, everything works perfectly, but it is extremely laggy, to the point that even opening the file manager takes around 20 seconds. Is this likely just due to be a pre-installation issue, or could it persist on a full install? On a possibly unrelated note is clover using the genkernel? Thanks

RE: Laggy Live Environment - tritonium - 09-05-2019

Have you tried installing CloverOS on a VM and testing it there? some issues might include the drivers not being loaded without unsquashing the iso onto disk

RE: Laggy Live Environment - cloveros - 09-05-2019

20 seconds for first loads is about right if your media is slow. It also has to use CPU to unpack the LZMA blocks.