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Plus how many fire, blood and air runes would need to kill the Jungle Demon?
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Plus how many fire, blood and air runes would need to kill the Jungle Demon?
My method is chiefly afk, no demand for focus. Ofcourse you will get +2-4k exp per hour somewhere else manually attacking, say yaks. It isn't worthwhile in my opinion. Fantastic afk spots. Spiders in the RS gold security stronghold - EPIC, no attention needed I reckon xD. Bandits, just for melee - that they do harm a lot ... maybe pass. Daggonaths, I cannoned and triumphed at the same time there for 600k exp a hour (sc) that they do damage you quite a bit in case you have low defence, and that means you'll be needing to pay attention. Hope I helped, and I expect other people with range help read this - because I likely will never sort this again.

I have not been around at a good 4 weeks and I guess im just getting bored in my free time. I was never able to be a member before my parents could never let me, but now im 18 with my bank accounts and card so they cant stop me muahahaha. (dont judge me know im old live with it) Anyways I have no idea what it is like to be a part, my main targets will be NON SKILLS I'm anything but a skiller, exactly what I have to know really is excellent training spots for range, good items to buy etc.. Also my account was hacked at the four months I was absent from cheap OSRS gold the sport, now I just have a measley 500k rather than my past 30mill so I should learn how to earn decent money whilst training, or when getting a part yet is even worth it idk. What do you think guys. Oh and if anyone has good tips for pvp that would be appreciated but I doubt ill get into it anytime soon thinking about how broke I am x. Thanks.


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