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Strike and strength accelerate ahrim
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Strike and strength accelerate ahrim
Guthans Plate - Decent, Fighter torso gives a wonderful Strength bonus so it's OSRS gold also a fantastic alternative if you can't afford Bandos; also I'm not 100% sure about this but I believe Torag's (and Dharok's) gives slightly better defensive stats and is only worth 650kish so that it's worth getting imo. Verac Skirt - Obby shield (operating towards rune/dragon defender) - You should really get a Dragon defender.

Dragon Boots - Regen Bracelet - Barrow gloves or Dragon gaunts if you have not finished RFD. Explorers Ring - Warrior's ring is not very expensive (300kish I think?) So you ought to get one. Obby Cape - If you do not have a skillcape/fire cape this is the ideal cape you can buy so it's good.

Meh, here's what I would suggest. Helm of Neitiznot (Reasonable defence bonuses, and a prayer bonus). Amulet of Glory/Fury (Glory is recommended if your not that wealthy). Fighter Torso (Takes a couple of hours to get out of BA, and has a power bonus + it does not degrade). Verac Skirt/Dragon Platelegs (Verac Skirt for tanking purposes, Dragon Platelegs for routine combat). Dragon Boots (For this strength bonus)

Barrows Gloves (Offers great stats for gloves, but requires Recipe for Disaster to be FULLY done ). Dragon Defender (Dragon Defender to Boost offense with Cheap RuneScape gold whip/scimitar). Any Skillcape/Obsidian Cape/Fire Cape (Obby, and Skillcape for +9 defense, or Firecape for offensive+defensive)


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